World Cosplay Summit to be divided in two days

World Cosplay Summit to be divided in two days

In a special presentation event celebrated yesterday in Japan, the organization of World Cosplay Summit has announced very important changes in the contest starting this year: it will be celebrated in two days and divided in semifinals and finals.

The 30 teams participating this year in World Cosplay Summit won’t do it directly in a final; they’ll have to do it in a semifinal divided in two blocks of 15 teams, in which there’ll be 8 teams selected by block, making that a total of 16 finalists.


The semifinals and final will be celebrated in two different days: the semifinals will be held on Saturday August the 6th and the grand championship the following day, Sunday August the 7th.

All the teams will participate as full members, meaning that the observer status granted to teams for future new countries participating will disappear.


Undoubtedly this news will make big changes for the most important cosplay contest in the world inside and outside Japan. How much does this new rule benefits the organization and the participants? What do the participants of this and previous years think about this? Can there be two performances in two days without any element of the cosplay or performance be affected? Such big change is sure to create lots of new questions, and lots of them will get an answer in the next few weeks.

Source: WCS Germany

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